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Adjusting the snooze time

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How the snooze feature works

press sleep/snooze when the alarm sounds

"SLEEP" is displayed, and the alarm stops

When the sleep time expires, the alarm sounds again

The system is set to a standard 10 minutes of snooze time

To set the snooze timer, follow these steps:

First, select the alarm you want to set to snooze

press and release alarm setup. "alarm 1" flashes

press alarm setup again until "alarm 2" flashes

when the selected alarm flashes, hold down sleep/snooze and press the time > or time < button to adjust the snooze time at 1 minute intervals.

The maximum time is 30 minutes

The number of minutes and "Sn" appear on the display to confirm your selection

You can set a different snooze time for each alarm

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