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Changing the video output

There are two types of video output settings:

Normal: Default setting. Set for composite and S-Video cable connections

YPbPr: Set only when using a component video adapter

To use a component video adapter and to change the video output settings, follow these steps:

Connect the video component adapter to both COMPOSITE and S-VIDEO output jacks on the media center back panel

Connect the component cables to the video adapter, making sure the colored ends of the connectors match those on the adapter (red, blue, green)

Connect the component video cables to a set of component video input jacks on the TV

Turn the TV on and select the correct TV input

on the lifestyle remote, press cd/dvd

press settings

press tune down to highlight "system setup" and press enter to confirm

press tune down to highlight "video output"

press seek forward to change the video format to "ypbpr"

press exit to leave the menu

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