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Replacing the system battery

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The 9-volt battery maintains clock and alarm settings, and operates the Wave® radio/CD’s backup alarm system for up to 24 hours, during a power loss or while the system is temporarily unplugged. Operating without this battery leaves the memory unprotected, but will not harm the product.

Use a standard 9-volt battery (IEC 6F22 in Europe), available at most retail stores. Use an alkaline battery for longer backup time.

To install the battery, follow these steps:

Note: The battery does not provide functional power for the Wave® radio/CD. It only provides enough power to retain settings, along with a backup alarm. The display will not operate on battery power only.

Carefully turn your system upside down, holding the CD door shut

Locate the battery compartment on the bottom

Press the arrow on the cover to slide the compartment open

Insert the battery into the multi-pin connector

Snap the terminals firmly together

Slide the cover closed

Turn the system right side up

Checking battery level

To maintain your Wave® radio/CD’s memory and backup alarm system, replace the 9-volt battery every year or whenever you have an extended power loss. You can also check the level of the installed battery to determine if it needs changing.

To check the low-battery indicator, follow these steps:

Turn the system off

hold down alarm setup and press cd stop. the display indicates the remaining battery power:

"HI" or a number "78" or above means the battery has adequate voltage to provide backup power

"77" or below means limited voltage

"LO" means the voltage is too low for the battery to function properly, and the battery should be replaced

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