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Reserving time for storing

Remember the following when storing your music:

  • Allow approximately 10 minutes when storing an audio CD. For MP3s, estimated time is about 10 minutes for a disc with 25 tracks
  • When "BUSY PROCESSING CD'S" appears on the media center display, allow approximately one hour, and then you may continue to store more music
  • For 10 commercially produced CDs, it takes about 6 hours of processing time with the system turned off. For MP3 tracks, this processing is not necessary
  • If you use the system or have it turned on during processing, it will lengthen the time needed to store the music
  • Processing will stop if the media center is unplugged, turned off at an outlet or if the power fails. Processing will resume when power is available again
  • If storing takes much longer than expected, the disc may be marred or smudged. You can remove the disc and wipe it off as instructed in your Bose® owner's guide. Then reinsert the disc and resume storing. A damaged or poor-quality disc can take 15 minutes or more to store

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