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Storing a CD

Place the CD into the disc tray, with the label facing up.

"" to interrupt storing activity at any time, open the disc tray.

"" Remove the disc.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for other CDs. Up to 10 CDs can be stored in one session. The storing process takes about five minutes per disc.

storing suggestions

  • after storing cds, turn the system off (do not disconnect power). the encoding process, performed with the system off, takes about one hour per disc. the system makes a clicking sound during the encoding process. the clicking continues until the encoding process is finished
  • if you are not sure if someone has stored cds recently, turn the system off (do not unplug it) and see if it makes that clicking sound that indicates encoding in process
  • """" this could happen by turning off a wall switch that controls a power outlet. unplugging or disconnecting the system from power interrupts the processing. """"

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