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Types of discs you can store

the following are two types of discs you can store on your system.

audio cds

commercially produced cds are identified by music databases in the system. this data enables the umusic®+ system software to recognize, categorize and make connections between songs.

"" you may prefer to remove the disc to cancel storing. then, you can use music management software (like itunes®), on a computer connected to the internet, to provide the album identity. or, you can choose to store this unrecognized disc, and then use the system edit screen to add the identity.

mp3s on cd or dvd

mp3 tracks that are created on a computer usually include information (called id3 tags), such as the artist and album for each track. mp3 tracks include this information when they are burned onto a cd, dvd, or dvd-r (not a dvd+r) and when the tracks are stored in the umusic+ system.

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