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Understanding uStations

you may enjoy this style of play, which allows you to explore your music with very little effort. but there's another side to umusic®+ performance, called intelligent playback, which seems to sense what you want to hear.

getting the system to listen

your preferences for music may vary at a particular time of day, for a repeated activity, or for a certain atmosphere that you want. now you can teach the system to play music that suits these varied tastes. you simply choose one of the nine ustations to serve as your student. not at all like a playlist, a ustation does not store a list of tracks. instead, it keeps a log of your responses as you listen to your music.

when a ustation is selected, every action you take—skipping, repeating or listening to an entire song—provides clues to your taste. the ustation uses this log of clues to select music that you find satisfying.

selecting a ustation preset

every ustation has a preset number already assigned. you can reserve different numbers for members of your family or for your different purposes. while your stored music plays, you can use the remote to change ustations. simply press the preset number for the ustation you want. you can also give each ustation a name as a reminder of its purpose.

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