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Using the TV sensor

The TV sensor is a device that allows the Lifestyle® system to detect whether your TV is on or off. The sensor enables a feature that will turn your TV on automatically when you turn your Lifestyle® system on. The TV sensor is included with your system. To activate the Automatic TV Power feature, follow these steps:

Insert the TV sensor plug into the TV Sensor jack on the top left of the media center connection panel. On the panel, the TV Sensor jack is immediately above two other jacks of the same type in the same column on the panel: the IR Emitter and Serial Data jacks. Be careful not to use the IR emitter and Serial Data jacks

Bật TV rồi chọn đúng đầu vào để xem menu Hệ thống. This will be the same video input that you use when viewing a DVD on the Bose® system

the system menu will display on the tv



press the right arrow, then the up arrow or down arrow, to highlight "automatic"

lưu ý: """" """"

"" the message to the right of that heading should read: ""

"" It may be helpful to have another person watch the TV while you move the sensor

On a projection TV, start at the bottom back of the set close to the power cord connection

On a CRT (picture tube TV), start at the vents on the top of the set

On plasma or LCD televisions, start anywhere near the power cord connection

"" use the mounting strip provided to secure the sensor at that location

lưu ý: ""

Now you should be able to turn on the Lifestyle® system and television using the TV, VCR or CBL∙SAT input buttons on the Lifestyle® system remote control. You can also turn the TV and system off simultaneously.

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